Keepsake Noggin Knits
Custom Knit Hats that celebrate anything that is important to you! These can be created as a great fundraising tool, as a way to show school pride, or as a salute to an organization or military branch.  If you can think, it we can knit it!

Several years ago when Margaret Masessa's youngest daughter was in high school, her field hockey team made the state playoffs!  To commemorate this event, Margaret decided to do what she does best, KNIT! She wanted the team to have a keepsake of their time together, so as the bus was loading up, she presented each of the players and the coach with matching hats, using school colors and crossed field hockey sticks. The team wore these hats throughout the game and soon the phone calls began from other sports organizations wanting custom hats. Colby College and Thomas College all have Keepsake Noggin Knits proudly displaying their emblems and colors!

All of our hats are made stitch by stitch with amazing craftsmanship by Margaret Masessa, who also runs the Lupine Cottage in Belfast, Maine. She continues to create one of a kind designs, including scarves, mittens and blankets, but her NogginKnits are becoming very popular! 

Ordering a Keepsake Noggin Knit is a great way to celebrate and memorialize events and organizations, or strengthen school spirit and teammanship. Contact us today, to inquire about designs, themes and ideas for your next event. Keepsake Noggin Knits, memories that keep you warm!

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